Tuesday, 7 April 2015

LEELA’S FRIEND: Latest Questions

A.      SAQ
Answer each of the following questions in a single sentence: (Each question carries 1 mark.)
1.       Where does Mr. Sivasanker first meet Sidda ?
2.       What is Mr Sivasanker’s first impression of Sidda ?
3.       List Sidda’s chores in the Sivasanker household.
4.       What do you understand about Sidda from his conversations with Leela ?
5.       How did Sidda react when Leela’s mother asked him about the chain ?
6.       What kind of job did Sidda do in the Sivasanker household ?
7.       Where did Leela’s mother find the chain ?
8.       Why did Sidda leave the old master’s house ?
9.       Who asked Sidda to throw the ball into the sky ?
10.   Where did Sidda’s old master, the doctor, live ?
11.   How old was Leela ?
12.   “Now come with me” – Where did Sidda take Leela?
13.   What was Leela’s box filled with?
14.   How many letters did Leela know?
15.   What did Sidda go out to buy one evening?
16.   What did Leela request her mother to tell a story about?
17.   Why had Sidda been in jail half a dozen times before ?
18.   Why did Mr Sivasanker say that the police would pick up Sidda very soon?
19.   Which game did Leela and Sidda play together?
20.   Where does Mr Sivasanker first meet Sidda?
21.   Why did Sidda escape from the house of Mr Sivasanker?
22.   Why did Leela’s mother give her a slap?
23.   Why did Leela long for Sidda’s company?
24.   What did Mr Sivasanker come to know about Sidda from police?

B.      DAQ
Answer each of the following questions in not more than 100 words: (Each question carries 5 marks)
1.       How did Leela try to make Sidda write? What was the result?
2.       List the ways in which Sidda’s company makes Leela “supremely happy”.
3.       What message is conveyed by Mr Sivasanker’s final words in the story, “In any case, we couldn’t have kept a criminal like him in the house.”
4.       How do Mr and Mrs Sivasanker react to Leela’s missing chain? How does Leela herself react? What does this suggest about each of them?
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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

LEELA’S FRIEND: Data Bank for MCQ and SAQ

Writer: R K Narayan (1906-2001)
Source: Lawley Road (Originally), but Malgudi Days (Later)
Setting: Probably in the town of Malgudi
Main Characters: Leela, Sidda, Mr Sivasanker and Mrs Sivasanker
Leela: Only child (five-year-old daughter) of Mr and Mrs Sivasanker
Sidda: A servant in Mr Sanker’s household
Mr Sivasanker: A rich man
Mrs Sivasanker: An ordinary housewife
Sidda worked before: in a doctor’s house
Sidda was given by Mr Sanker: Two meals a day and four rupees a month
Sidda had to: Wash clothes, tend the garden, run errands, chop wood and look after Leela
Sidda and Leela played: With a red ball
Leela held a class: For Sidda at dusk
Leela’s box contained: Catalogues, illustrated books and stumps of pencils.
At bed time Sidda used to tell Leela: Incomparable stories of animals in the jungle, of gods in heaven, of magicians who could conjure up golden cstles and fill them with little princesses and their pets.
Sidda slept: Outside the house
Leela accompanied: Sidda when he went out to buy sugar one evening
Leela’s mother noticed: That a gold chain Leela had been wearing was missing when she came home with Sidda.
Sidda was accused of: Stealing the gold chain
A complaint was lodged: By Mr Sivasanker to the police.
Sidda was arrested: Four days later
Ultimately the chain was found inside: A tamarind pot by Mrs Sivasanker
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