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THE EYES HAVE IT by Ruskin Bond : Sample Questions


Answer the following questions in a single sentence each (1 mark each question) :
  1. What type of text is it ?
  2. At which station did the girl get into the train  ?
  3. Who came to see the girl off at the station of Rohana ?
  4. Why were the girl’s parents very much anxious about her comfort ?
  5. What did the girl’s parents advise her to avoid ?
  6. How did the narrator attempt to strike up a conversation with the girl ?
  7. What was the narrator’s very first clue about his fellow traveller in the train ?
  8. How did the narrator know that the girl wore slippers ?
  9. Why was the narrator unable to tell anything about the look of the girl ?
  10. Whose voice startled the girl ?
  11. Why did the voice of the narrator startle the girl ?
  12. What do people with good eyesight fail to see ?
  13. “I didn’t see you either.” – who is the speaker ?
  14. What is the narrator’s opinion about aunts ?
  15. “Aunts are usually formidable creatures.” – who made this remark and when ?
  16. “Oh, how lucky you are.” – who said this and about whom ?
  17. Why did the girl consider the narrator lucky ?
  18.  What did the girl say about Mussoorie ?
  19. “Then I made a mistake” – what was the mistake ?
  20. “That always happens.” – what always happens ?
  21. “But it was a safe remark.” – What was the remark ?
  22. How did the narrator praise the girl ?
  23. “You have an interesting face.”--Who said this and about whom ?
  24. When did the girl laugh pleasantly ?
  25. What was the girl tired of ?
  26. How did the narrator compare the girl’s voice ?
  27. “We’ll soon be at your station.” – Which ‘station’ is referred to here ?
  28. “And a high-pitched female voice near the carriage door”- Whose voice was it ?
  29. “You must be disappointed.” – Who said this and to whom ?
  30. What did the narrator ask the new passenger about the girl ?
  31. What did the new passenger say about the girl ?
  32. “...and we moved off.” – Who are ‘we’ in this statement ?
  33. What did the narrator want to play once again ?
  34. Why were the beautiful eyes of the girl useless ?


Answer the following questions in not more than 100 words each (5 marks each question) :
  1. Would you agree that this story is a comment on ‘seeing’ ? Support your point with instances from the text.
  2. Does the author help us anticipate the ironical twist in the end during the course of the narrative ? If yes, give examples from the text to support your argument.
  3. Is the narrator somewhat cautious about not revealing too much about himself? Support your point with instances from the text.
  4. How was a game of deception played between the narrator and the girl?
  5. “Then I made a mistake.”—What mistake is referred to here? Was there really any mistake? How did the speaker get rid of his doubt?
  6. How did the narrator try to impress the girl ?
  7. How does ‘irony’ play an instrumental role in the story ?
  8. “You have an interesting face.” – Who said this and to whom ? How did the person spoken to react? How did the speaker mend his/her comment?
  9. “You are a very gallant young man.” –Who is the ‘young man’? Why is he called ‘gallant young man’? How does the remark impress him?
  10. “Oh, how lucky you are.” – Who said this? Who was considered to be ‘lucky’ and why? How did the person react to the above remark?
  11. Write a short note on the appropriateness of the title.

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