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With effect from the session, 2013-2014:
 Division of marks
Prose : 20 marks
Verse : 20 marks
Rapid Reader : 10 marks
Textual Grammar : 10 marks
Writing (paragraph/story) : 10 marks
ESP Newspaper advertisement : 05 marks
Commercial leaflet : 05 marks
Project : 20 marks
Total : 100 marks

  1. Leela's Friend -- R. K. Narayan
  2. Karma -- Khushwant Sing
  3. Alias Jimmy Valentine -- O Henry
  4. Nobel Lecture -- Mother Teresa
  5. The Place of Art in Education -- Nandalal Bose (Speaking of Art, Viswa Bharati -- 1999 edition), (Pages--23 to 26 upto first paragraph ending with......"according to the location" on page 26).
  1. Upon the Westminster Bridge -- William Wordsworth
  2. Meeting at Night -- Robert Browning
  3. The Sick Rose -- William Blake
  4. Brotherhood -- Octavio Paz
  5. Daybreak -- H W Longfellow
Rapid Reader (Any One)
Tales from Shakespeare -- Charles Lamb and Mary Lamb (edited version)
 Macbeth, Othello, The Comedy of Errors, As You Like It, Twelfth Night.
Textual Grammar
Text based grammatical questions on Voice Change, Narration Change, Transformation of sentences, Joining of sentences, Splitting of sentences, Appropriate articles and prepositions, etc.
Paragraph writing / Story writing ( about 150-200 words)
Newspaper Advertisement : All types, classifieds (within 50 words)
Commercial Leaflet : Opening of a showroom /Institution/ Training centre, Launching tour programmes by travel agency, Discount sale (within 50 words).
Project (1000-1500 words) (Any one) : 
  • Dramatizing a story from within the syllabus or outside the syllabus
  • Developing a story with the beginning given in 2-3 sentences
  • Writing an autobiography of an object / persons / self
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The original Text Book

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