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Full Marks : 100
a) Prose : 20 Marks
b) Poetry : 20 Marks
c) Drama : 10 Marks
a) Textual Grammar : 10 Marks
b) Reading Comprehension (Unseen) : 10 Marks
c) ESP : 10 Marks

Category-wise details have been given below:


1. The Eyes Have It -- Ruskin Bond
2. Strong Roots (An extract from the chapter Orientation from Wings of Fire) -- APJ Abdul Kalam
    (Universities Press - 2012 edition) (Chapter I, Page: 3-6 upto paragraph ending with ......'Freedom, happiness and peace of mind' on page 6)
3. Thank You, Ma'am -- Langston Hughes
4. The Three Questions -- Leo Tolstoy
1. On Killing a Tree -- Gieve Patel
2. Asleep in the Valley -- Arthur Rimbaud
3. shall I Compare Thee -- William Shakespeare
4. The Poetry of Earth -- J. Keats
The Proposal -- Anton Chekhov


Textual Grammar
1. Change of Narration
2. Change of voice
3. Transformation of Sentences
a) Simple, Complex, compound sentences
b) Change of Degrees of Comparison
c) Interchange of the parts of speech
d) i) Affirmative to Negative / vice versa
    ii) Assertive to Interrogative / vice versa
    iii) Assertive to Exclamatory / vice versa
4. Splitting into two simple sentences and Synthesis of Sentences (Joining into Simple and Complex sentences)
5. Fill in the blanks with approproate articles and / or prepositions
6. Correction of errors (based on ) :
a) Subject-verb agreement
b) Wrong usage of words
Question Pattern : Choosing the right one from among three alternatives given.
For example :
a) Incorrect Usage : Rice and curry are his favourite dish.
Correct Usage : Rice and curry is his favourite dish.
Options : is / were / be
b) Incorrect Usage : I prefer tea than coffee.
Correct Usage : I prefer tea to coffee.
Options : of / in / to
Reading Comprehension (Unseen)
The Unseen Prose Passage will consist of 150-200 words.

Precis writing OR Reporting an event OR letter Writing

A) Precis Writing : 10 marks [Break up of marks : Title = 2 marks + Precis = 8 marks]
a) The Precis should be written in about one-third of the words given in the passage. A title should be given.
b) Use of Indirect Speech, thord person narrative should be followed.
c) Objectivity should be maintained. Opinions, allusions, repetitions, examples etc should be avoided.
d) All ideas must be written in a single paragraph with logical and clear interconnection of ideas.
e) Borrowing of sentences from the given text (passage) is strictly prohibited. Writing in one's own language is preferred.

B) Reporting an Event : 10 marks [ Break up of marks : Form = 2 marks + Content = 8 marks]

[No Newspaper Report]
a) Independence Day Celebration at School/Club
b) Blood Donation Camp at School/Club
c) A Magic Show at School/Club
d) Launching of a Book
e) Farewell Meeting of a Senior Teacher 

C) Business/Formal Letter : 10 marks [ Break up of marks : Form = 2 marks + Content = 8 marks]

a) All types of Business/ Formal letters are included.
b) Word limit is within 150 words. 

PROJECT : (1000-1500 words) (Internal Assessment)

One project work of 20 marks in an academic year to be added to the Higher Secondary Examination marks. School will assess the projects and send the marks to the Council. Students can opt for any one of the following topics :
1. Film / Theatre Script / Review : To present / write a script of a prose-piece or a play (from an established text ) or review of a film / play.
2. Fictitious interview of an eminent personality (current or historical ). 20 questions and their answers. Assessment on framing of questions, content of the questions and the responses relevant to the personality being interviewed.
3. Changing the background / time / social cotext of a play / prose / short story and recording how the characters behave in the changed scenario.
For Example :
A Christmas Carol by Dickens
The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde
Riders to the Sea by Synge
The Gift of the Magi / Jimmy Valentine by O' Henry
4. Indianisation of an English novel / short story as per the choice of the student.

Parameters for Assessment (Compulsory)
  • Imagination and originality : 5 marks
  • Organisation : 5 marks
  • Language and Expression : 5 marks
  • Viva voce : 3 marks
  • Neatness (File Presentation) : 2 marks

The student will be guided by and the project work supervised by a teacher. The project will be prepared preferably at home.

Question Pattern for Literature

1. MCQ          12x1=12
2. Short Answer Type Question      8x1=8
3. Analytical/Descriptive Typy Question 5x6=30
    For confirmation you are requested to log on to the council's website. I apologize for any unwanted mistake.     Find the complete text of the LITERATURE section of the aforesaid syllabus by purchasing the following prescribed text book published by Orient BlackSwan on behalf of WBCHSE:
The original Text Book
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