Monday, 23 June 2014

THE EYES HAVE IT by Ruskin Bond : Word-notes

The following word-notes will help you to understand the text The Eyes Have It by Ruskin Bond :
  • Rohana = name of a railway station. It is a small place of less population in Uttarpradesh. The nearest major city to Rohana is Saharanpur.
  • Couple = husband and wife; married pair.
  • Anxious = worried; concerned.
  • Instructions = directions; information on what to do; advice.
  • Strangers = unknown or unfamiliar persons.
  • Sensitive = responsive; susceptible; perceptive.
  • Dehra = a town in Kangra District in Himachal Pradesh.
  • Startled = surprised or amazed.
  • Exclamation = utterance in amazement.
  • Registers = impresses; strikes; appeals.
  • Tellingly = powerfully; forcefully; effectively; significantly.
  • Remaining senses = the senses other than the sight.
  • Wondered = thought about; thought in amazement; doubted; suspected.
  • Prevent = block; obstruct; resist;impede; stop; control; check.
  • Provided = if; on condition that.
  • Getting off = getting down; alighting; leaving the train.
  • Formidable = dreadful; unmanageable.
  • Mussoorie = a hill station in the Dehradun District of Uttarakhand.
  • Logfire = fire produced from round, hard pieces of wood.
  • Deserted = lonely; uninhibited.
  • Romantic = imaginative.
  • Fool = stupid fellow; dull-witted person.
  • Romantic fool = a person guided by emotion.
  • Ledge = a narrow shelf projecting from a window; sill.
  • Pretence = deception.
  • Landscape = everything that can be sen across a large area of land.
  • Panting = quick breathing.
  • Rumble = a long deep series of sounds.
  • Flashing by = passing by quickly.
  • Ventured = took the risk of saying something.
  • Gallant = brave; courageous; chivalrous; heroic.
  • Sparkle = liveliness; glow; radiance.
  • Stream = small river.
  • Encounter = sudden meeting.
  • Shrieked = gave a loud sound.
  • Bun = small coil of hair at back of head.
  • Plaited = arrangement of hair in three or more interlaced strands.
  • Porters = persons who carry bags and loads of other people; coolies.
  • Vendors = sellers of food etc.
  • Tantalising = tempting; provoking; exciting.
  • Lingered = remained; continued to exist; prevailed.
  • Confusion = mess; disorder; chaos.
  • Stammered = spoke indistinctly; uttered with faltering accent.
  • Apology = pardon; a statement of regret having done wrong.
  • Banged = closed with a loud noise.
  • Groaned = make a long deep wailing sound; make a painful sound.
  • Fascinating = alluring; charming; extremely interesting; highly attractive.
  • Reverie = day-dream.
  • High-pitched = shrill ; very loud and sharp.
  • Disappointed = upset; sad;dejected; pensive; disheartened.

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  1. is " the eyes have it " a comment on seeing ? please give me answer.

    1. Yes, it may be called so. There are different types of seeing ---- with open eyes, with closed eyes, with the eyes of mind, etc. We find many of them in this story also. One character tries to hide the defects of own-self and the other tries the same. Both of them fail to detect the defects of others as they are busy to hide themselves. They imagines a lot with their eyes of mind but they know each other fully from other's mouth. In this way the story may be called a comment on seeing.