Monday, 23 June 2014

Meeting at Night: Latest Questions

A. SAQ (Short Answer Questions):     (1 mark each & to be answered in a complete sentence each)
  1. What type of poem is it ?
  2. How does the lover travel the sea ?
  3. When does the lover travel the sea ?
  4. How does the moon look like ?
  5. What makes the sea ‘grey’ ?
  6. Why are the waves startled ?
  7. How do the waves of the sea leap ?
  8. “As I gain the cove...” – Who is the speaker here ?
  9. When does the lover stop the speed of his boat ?
  10. What does the lover do after gaining the cove ?
  11. How many fields does the lover cross ?
  12. What appears when the lover crosses three fields ?
  13. What does the lover do when he reaches the farm ?
  14. Why does the lover give a tap on the window-pane of his sweetheart’s cottage ?
  15. What answer does his tap get ?
  16. “And a voice less loud...” – Whose ‘voice’ is referred to here ?
  17. How does the lady of the lover feel when she hears the tap on the window-pane ?
  18. How is the voice of the beloved ?
  19. “Than the two hearts beating each to each!” – Which two hearts are spoken of here ?
  20. What is more loud than the voice ?
  21. Why is the voice less loud in the poem ?
  22. What is the second part of “Meeting at Night” ?
B. DAQ (Descriptive / Analytical Questions):
     (5 marks each & to be answered in about 100 words each)
  1. Give an account of the lover’s journey to his beloved in “Meeting at Night”.
  2. Give a description of the nocturnal atmosphere in the poem “Meeting at Night”.
  3. Describe the effect of colour used in Browning’s poem “Meeting at Night”?
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