Wednesday, 28 January 2015

THREE QUESTIONS by Leo Tolstoy: Latest questions

 1. Answer the following questions , each in a complete sentence: (Each question carries 1 mark)
(i) For what three questions does the Tsar want answers ?
(ii) Whom does the Tsar finally approach for the answers?
(iii) Why does the Tsar disguise his appearance before the meeting?
(iv) Describe the sudden turn of events that take place even as the Tsar patiently waits for his answer.
(v) What are the final answers to the Tsar’s three questions as declared by the hermit ?
(vi) Why did the Tsar decide to consult the hermit ?
(vii) What, according to the hermit, is the most important time ?
(viii) Why did learned men come to the Tsar ?
(ix) Where did the hermit live ?
(x) To whom did the three questions occur ?
(xi) Why was the bearded man a sworn enemy of the Tsar ?

2. Answer the following questions, each in about 100 words: (Each question carries 6 marks)
(i) Which three questions occurred to the mind of the Tsar ? What did he do to get the answers of the questions ?
(ii)Why did not the hermit answer the questions of the Tsar immediately after hearing him ?
(iii) “You are already answered”—Do you agree with the interpretation of the three answers given by the hermit ? If so, give three reasons to support your answers. Or, What answers did the hermit give to the king’s questions ?
(iv) How did the enemy of the King become friend with the King in Leo Tolstoy’s “The Three Questions” ?
(v) Why did the Tsar not agree with the answers of the learned men ? Who did the Tsar decide to consult again ? What was this person famous for ? How did the Tsar go to visit this person ?