Sunday, 8 February 2015

ON KILLING A TREE by Gieve Patel: Latest Questions

    A.      Answer the following questions, each in a complete sentence:   (Each question carries 1 mark)
(i)                  Where does irony lie in the poem ?
(ii)                In what form of verse is this poem written in ?
(iii)               On what tone does the poem end ?
(iv)              What makes this poem easy to read ?
(v)                Where will green twigs rise from ?
(vi)              “And then it is done” – What act is referred to here ?
(vii)             What is to be done with the root in the poem “On Killing of a Tree” ?
(viii)           How, according to Gieve Patel, has the tree grown ?
(ix)              What kind of task is it to kill a tree ?
(x)                What type of poem is “On Killing a Tree” ?

    B.      Answer the following questions, each in about 100 words: (each question carries 6 marks)
(i)             Describe in detail the growth of the tree as given in the first stanza of the poem “On Killing a Tree”.
(ii)                How does the tree heal itself ?
           Or, How is the life-force of the tree described in the poem “On Killing a Tree” ?
(iii)               The poem “On Killing a Tree” describes man’s cruelty and violence to nature. Discuss.
(iv)              How can the tree be killed in “On Killing a Tree” ?