Monday, 23 February 2015

THE POETRY OF EARTH by John Keats: Latest Questions

 A.  Answer the following questions, each in a complete sentence:   (Each question carries 1 mark)
(i)   What does Keats celebrate in this poem ?
(ii)  Why does Keats make the voices of the grasshopper and the cricket follow each other ?
(iii)   The poet contrasts summer with frost and then introduces warmth into frost. Why does he do this ?
(iv)  Where does the grasshopper rest at ease in summer ?
(v)  What does the cricket’s song seem to ‘one in drowsiness half lost’ ?
(vi)    “… he has never done with his delights…” – Whose delights are spoken of here ?
(vii)  How are the birds in summer according to Keats ?
(viii) What does the voice speak of in Keats’ “The Poetry of Earth” ?

 B.  Answer the following questions, each in about 100 words: (each question carries 6 marks)
(i) Show, after Keats, that the poetry of earth never comes to an end.
Or, How does Keats prove that poetry of earth is never dead ?

(ii)  What pictures of the two seasons does Keats draw in “The Poetry of Earth” ? How are the two pictures related ?  4+2

(iii) Name the poet who composed “The Potry of Earth”. What is meant by “The Poetry of Earth” ? How does the poet read “The Poetry of Earth” ?  1+2+3

(iv) Identify the voices of poetry in the poem. How does Keats establish continuity through these voices ?