Thursday, 30 April 2015


  • Hanging about: walking to and fro, lingering
  • Brooding: thinking deeply
  • Scrutiny: Close, careful and minute examination
  • Vague: not clear
  • Tended: looked after
  • Ran errands: Went out to buy goods for house hold
  • Chopped: cut into small pieces
  • Clutch: to grasp tightly
  • Evaporate: to become vapour
  • Catalogue: a list of items
  • Illustrated: made clear by using examples or pictures
  • Stumps: short remaining parts of something
  • Squat: to sit down upon the heels
  • Adept: good at doing something
  • Plying: using a tool in a skillful way
  • Consequently: as a result
  • Incomparable: so good that nothing can be compared to it
  • Conjure: to practice magical arts
  • Accompanied: went somewhere with somebody
  • blink: shut and open the eyes quickly
  • whining: complaining in and annoying, crying voice
  • lodged a complaint: made a complain
  • abusing: making rude comments
  • worrying: disturbing
  • shuttered: shaked / shivered
  • harbouring: giving shelter to
  • cajoled: coaxed
  • deprecation: strong disapproval
  • haunts: places that somebody visits often
  • treachery: violation of faith
  • innocent: not guilty of a crime etc
  • prosecution: legal proceedings against someone
  • witness: a person who gives evidence in court
  • stubborn: determined not to change one’s opinion or attitude
  • confess: to acknowledge
  • criminal: one who is guilty of a crime
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